Fundamental Supervisory Skills


(CPSv) TVPPA’s Certified Power Supervisor curriculum is designed for public power distribution system supervisory personnel. This course of study focuses on how to reduce employee grievances, customer complaints, absenteeism, job-related accidents and turnover. CPSv is made up of 9 core classes and participants have 4 years to complete all the necessary classes.

Fundamental Supervisory Skills  – This 2 day workshop consists of two modules. Managing People stresses and the importance of individual self-esteem in the workplace and shows how to give clear instructions, achieve consensus, and encourage others to commit to common goals. Communicating with People demonstrates active listening techniques, effective communication, and ways to recognize another person`s understanding of the issues. Instructional methods include presentation, videos, group discussion, and skill building exercises. Students are required to complete a DISC profile before class.


April 9, 2024 - April 10, 2024
8:30 am — 3:30 pm
8553 Commodity Circle Orlando, FL 32819


Cost: $500 per person
Contact: Lindsay Jack

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Fundamental Supervisory Skills — April 9, 2024 - April 10, 2024

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