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FMPA’s Diverse Power Resources

FMPA members have ownership interests in a variety of power plants located throughout Florida.


St. Lucie Power Plant - Image

St. Lucie Power Plant

Nuclear power plant primarily owned and operated by Florida Power & Light.

Stanton Energy Center - Image

Stanton Energy Center

Two coal-fired units primarily owned and operated by Orlando Utilities Commission. One natural gas-fueled combined cycle unit jointly owned with NextEra Energy, Orlando Utilities Commission and Kissimmee Utility Authority.

Indian River Generating Station - Image

Indian River Generating Station

Four natural gas-fueled combustion turbines jointly owned with Orlando Utilities Commission.

Cane Island Power Park - Image

Cane Island Power Park

One natural gas-fueled combustion turbine and two natural gas combined cycle units jointly owned with Kissimmee Utility Authority, and one natural gas combined cycle unit wholly owned by FMPA. Kissimmee Utility Authority operates all the units.
Treasure Coast Energy Center - Image

Treasure Coast Energy Center

One natural gas-fueled combined cycle unit wholly owned by FMPA and operated by Fort Pierce Utilities Authority.

Stock Island Generating Facility - Image

Stock Island Generating Facility

Seven oil-fired units (four combustion turbine, two medium speed diesel and one high speed diesel) operated by Keys Energy Services.

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