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Collaborative Buying Helps Utilities Save Time and Money

FMPA coordinates the joint purchasing of common utility materials and services for its members. 

Collaborative bids are issued to simplify the purchasing process and to maximize cost-savings. Bidding as a group gives members the purchasing power of a larger utility and reduces members’ staff time.

Finally, the program encourages communication and sharing between utilities. Participants can connect online to see other utilities’ specifications, commonly used items and exchange goods.

Joint Purchasing and Contract Services

FMPA’s Joint Purchasing Project administers a collaborative bidding process for commodity and services agreements on behalf of Agency members. Currently, there are more than 25 awards and agreements available to members. Members can visit FMPA’s Portal to view the awarded bids.

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We Simplify the Purchasing Process to Maximize Cost-savings

FEMA Compliance

FMPA stays up to date with procurement requirements of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and many of FMPA’s bid awards are compliant with FEMA reimbursement standards following a disaster. Members can utilize FMPA’s contracts or request assistance to make their own procurement process FEMA compliant.

AURSI Support

FMPA uses an online procurement platform called Advanced Utility Resources and Supply, Inc. (AURSI). Many FMPA members also utilize this system, which facilitates the joint purchasing process and enables utilities to manage inventory by viewing and sharing common material. This inventory-sharing capability can be invaluable, particularly in emergency situations. Any FMPA member that is interested in joining AURSI or needs supplemental AURSI training for employees is encouraged to contact FMPA for assistance.

For more information on FMPA’s Joint Purchasing Project, please contact us.

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