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Value of Public Power

Public Power Enhances Communities

Municipal electric utilities are locally owned and operated by the cities they serve. As such, their primary purpose is to enhance the quality of life of their customers and their community. This unique ownership structure provides unique benefits.

Affordable Power

Affordable electricity is important for residents and businesses. Because municipal utilities are not-for-profit, this helps keep costs low. Rates are set locally in public meetings where community leaders make cost and service decisions that best serve the local community.

Local Reliability

Municipal electric utilities value providing reliable electric service and the personal customer service of a hometown utility. Lineworkers and staff often live and work in the community, so they understand the system and can restore power faster.

Local Control

Every citizen is a utility owner and can influence decisions that affect their community. Customers of a local utility are encouraged to attend local, public meetings and voice their opinion on discussions that affect their electric bill.

Community Focus

Municipal electric utilities often contribute to the city’s general revenues as a payment in lieu of taxes. This contribution helps to offset property taxes. Utilities also contribute to the community by creating jobs, improving infrastructure and supporting the local economy.


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