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Certified Power Supervisor Program

Certified Power Supervisor (CPSv) is a Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA) certification program intended for public power distribution system supervisory personnel. Courses discuss how to reduce absenteeism, customer complaints, employee grievances, job-related accidents and turnover. Earning this certification requires completing the following courses:

  1. Buddy-to-Boss with Succession Planning
  2. Fundamental Supervisory Skills
  3. Goal Setting and Planning
  4. Interpersonal Supervisory Skills I
  5. Communicating Effectively with Utility Customers
  6. Interpersonal Supervisory Skills II
  7. Interpersonal Supervisory Skills III
  8. Bridging the Generation Gap
  9. Making Performance Appraisals Matter

Participants must complete all courses satisfactorily within four years of completing a required course to earn their certification.

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