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TVPPA Lineman Apprenticeship Training

Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA) will offer its Apprentice Lineman Training program at the KUA training facility throughout 2024. This training program intended for beginning apprentices introduces the groundwork for understanding the profession, such as basic electricity, math and alternating current fundamental principles. Participants learn about the tools and equipment used in everyday operations as well as the following applications:

The training program five labs and a final exam. During courses, participants learn:

Here’s the outline of courses offered at the KUA training facility this year:

  1. Lineman Apprenticeship Lab 4: Underground
  2. Lineman Apprenticeship Lab 1: Fundamentals
  3. Digger Derrick Lab
  4. Lineman Apprenticeship Lab 5: Troubleshooting
  5. Lineman Apprenticeship Lab 2: Construction
  6. Lineman Apprenticeship Lab 3: Operations
  7. Lineman Apprenticeship Pre-Apprentice Assessment Workshop
  8. Lineman Apprenticeship Final Exam

Contact Lindsay Jack to learn about the registration process for Members.

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