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Certified Safety Coordinator Program

Certified Safety Coordinator (CSC) is a Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA) certification program. TVPPA developed the program to address modern health and safety issues and to ensure individuals who are responsible for safety management have the current, professional knowledge and expertise they need to create and maintain a safe work environment and achieve safe work practices for utility employees. Earning this certification requires completing the following courses:

  1. OSHA 30 Hr. Card – Part 1
  2. OSHA 30 Hr. Card – Part 2
  3. OSHA Utility Work Practices Rule Compliance
  4. Rigging, Hoisting, Hand and Power Tool Safety
  5. Transportation Safety
  6. Accident Investigation
  7. National Electrical Safety Code Review

Participants must complete all courses satisfactorily within four years of completing a required course to earn their certification.

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