Certified Power Executive


Certified Power Executive (CPE) is a unique program of professional certification specifically designed for management of public power distribution systems. It is designed to provide managers a better understanding of their duties and role in the utility industry.  The target group for the CPE program has been “redefined” as mid- to upper-level managers who have fundamental supervisory skills and are ready to proceed to the next level of leadership proficiency.  The course is approved by National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and provides CPEs in several competency areas.  The course will be presented by certified training specialists from Tennessee Valley Public Power Association (TVPPA).


February 23, 2022
8:30 am — 4:00 pm
8553 Commodity Circle, Orlando, FL 32819


This series is broken into 5 classes February 23 thru December 9.  Attendance at all classes are required to obtain the certificate.

Prerequisite: DISC profile  Required Reading: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Leadership Bridge – This leadership class will focus on the desired results of management and how they relate to various leadership styles and effectiveness. This course will review the four leadership styles dealing with flexibility and to lead more effectively. It relates to the DISC model and how you will begin to focus on self awareness by analyzing behavior and relating it to leadership style.  You will need to take a DISC profile and read the book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” before attending this class. This is a NASBA approved class. The instructional delivery method is “group-live.” You will receive 21 CPE credits in the Communications field of study.

Meeting ManagementNot all meetings are the same. Just as they have different purposes, they need different facilitation styles. This 1 day workshop helps participants to analyze meeting types, determine appropriate meeting design and apply targeted facilitation skills to improve meeting efficiency (time) and effectiveness(outcomes).

Business & Strategic IssuesThis two-day course is intended to provide participants with a general managers perspective and understanding of the business issues associated with running a electric distribution utility. The course will provide a background on our industry, the fundamentals of rate making and a basis for developing a managerial accounting system. Students will come away with an understanding of how to determine the financial health of the utility, and they will learn concepts that will allow them to better interface with governing bodies, employees, and the community on the financial issues and standing of the utility. This is a NASBA approved class. The instructional delivery method is group-live. You will receive 14 CPE credits in the Finance field of study.

Conflict MediationThis course teaches participants to recognize and assess workplace conflicts. Skills practiced during this class include those to proactively address conflict, select and apply an appropriate mediation style to achieve resolution.

Dynamics of ChangeThe environment of the utility industry is one of constant change further challenged by significant pending regulatory change. Utility managers are challenged by responding to those changes and implementing strategies for the future. This highly interactive workshop describes the various types of change, roles in the change process, and methods for planning/implementing strategic changes. Participants will create an on-the-job change strategy application. If participants have not already taken the DISC profile, you will need to do so.  This is a NASBA approved class. The instructional delivery method is group-live.”  You will receive 14 CPE credits in the Business Management and Organization field of study.


Cost: $2,000 per person, for entire course
Deadline: February 18, 2022
Who Should Attend: This series is a good fit for mid and upper level management who have fundamental supervisory skills and are ready to proceed to the next level of leadership proficiency.
Contact: Sharon Samuels

Registration Closed Registration is closed for this event

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