We supply electricity to local utilities that
serve homes and businesses throughout Florida.

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Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) is a wholesale power agency owned by municipal electric utilities. FMPA provides low-cost, reliable and clean power plus value-added services for its owner-customers.
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Our Mission

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Low-Cost Power

Customers Need It

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Reliable Power

Customers Expect It

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Clean Power

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Community Power
Statewide Strength®

When we work together, we create something bigger than the sum of our efforts. Take a look at the ways FMPA helps locally owned utilities create power in numbers.

Strength in Numbers

The Latest

Meter Tech Roundtable

The Meter Tech Roundtable provides an opportunity for meter technicians and meter maintenance staff to discuss topics such as operating practices, equipment, tools, safety, training, and more. Read More | View All Events

AMI Roundtable

The AMI Roundtable provides an opportunity to discuss topics such as AMI technology, equipment, training, and more.

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