FMPA Marks 40 Years of Providing Low-Cost, Reliable, Clean Power

New FMPA logo introduced as the Agency celebrates the past and looks to the future

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 23, 2018 – Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) celebrates its 40-year anniversary on Saturday, Feb. 24. Through 31 member cities, FMPA provides electricity to 10 percent of Floridians. The Agency was formed on Feb. 24, 1978.

In the 1970s, the oil embargo impacted the U.S. electric power industry and municipal electric utilities looked for alternatives to oil for generation, which was the primary fuel for many power plants. Across the country, municipal electric utilities began forming regional “joint action agencies” to enable individual utilities to provide affordable, reliable and clean electricity for their communities. FMPA is one such agency. Through these agencies, municipal utilities worked together on power purchases and operations. They were also able to jointly finance more cost effective nuclear and coal plants, which were too large and too expensive for most individual municipal utilities to build themselves.

Major Accomplishments

FMPA’s first power supply project was an ownership interest in the St. Lucie nuclear plant in February 1982.

Four years later, five FMPA cities created the All-Requirements Project to take control of their power supply needs. The All-Requirements Project has grown to supply all the power needs for 13 cities.

FMPA’s members worked together over four decades to participate in low-cost, reliable and clean generating units: coal plants at Stanton Energy Center in Orlando and natural gas plants in Kissimmee, Fort Pierce and Orlando as well as peaking generation in Key West.

Today, FMPA’s members are on the verge of participating in one of the largest municipal-based solar energy projects in the country.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

“It is important to recognize FMPA’s 40 years of history,” said FMPA General Manager and CEO Jacob Williams. “At the same time, we remain focused on our mission for the future. We must continually work to provide low cost, reliable and clean power for our owner-customers’ residents.

“FMPA is entering a new era. Today, several FMPA member cities have some of the lowest power rates in the state. Our baseload generation fleet is one of the most reliable and among the cleanest in the state. But there is more we can do to help our members thrive, and we are excited about the opportunities ahead.”

Symbolic of the new era and FMPA’s commitment to change in ways that serves our mission, the Agency used the anniversary as an opportunity to refresh its logo. Williams said, “Re-branding is a symbolic but significant communication. We are saying and showing that we are entering a new era while re-committing to our mission going forward.”

FMPA’s new logo—a blue and red acronym with an accompanying Florida outline—can be seen at the Agency’s updated website,

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