FMPA CEO: Florida Municipals Providing Financial Relief During COVID-19

COVID-19 has had significant impacts on all of us. People are working from home, and children are learning alongside their parents as they work. Unfortunately, many have or will be losing their jobs, and everyone could use a little help paying the bills. Several of the community-owned electric utilities in Florida are considering temporarily lowering power prices to their customers.

I am proud that two such Florida municipal electric utilities, City of Mount Dora and Beaches Energy Services, are doing just that. Mount Dora customers will see savings of approximately 10% for the next six months, and Jacksonville Beach customers served by Beaches Energy Services will see savings of approximately 20% in at least April. We at FMPA are aware that at least eight other member cities are considering similar efforts for their customers.

We in Florida are fortunate that most power generation is fueled by natural gas. With the price of natural gas being so low, utilities can lower their power costs and pass these savings on to their customers now.

The members of FMPA understand this is a difficult time, and many could use some extra money in their pocket. The FMPA team has been working with our members to see if similar opportunities for their communities would be possible.

We in public power bring great value to our customers and communities, and we have the opportunity to do more. We are working hard to provide FMPA member cities with affordable, reliable and clean power today, tomorrow and into the future.

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