Florida’s Municipal Electric Utilities are Working “Behind the Switch” to Keep Power Affordable

Social media campaign highlights efforts to reduce power costs and enhance operations

ORLANDO, Fla., March 14, 2022 – Have you ever wondered what happens “Behind the Switch” to provide electricity for your home? The Florida Municipal Power Agency’s (FMPA) annual social media campaign highlights the people working behind the scenes to provide affordable, reliable and clean electricity.

This year’s campaign shows how FMPA is working with Florida’s municipal electric utilities to keep power affordable amidst rising energy prices. Over the last year, natural gas prices have doubled, resulting in higher operating costs and monthly electric bills.

Electricity is a significant monthly expense, particularly in Florida where Floridians use more electricity and earn less than the national average. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Americans spent 26% more on their utility bills in February 2022 than they did last year.

Over the next four weeks, FMPA will release a series of videos on its Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages that show how municipal electric utilities are increasing the affordability of power through:

• Regular maintenance on power plants to enhance reliability
• Proactive cybersecurity plans and resources to protect the electric grid
• Utility-scale solar farms and solar subscription programs to provide affordable zero-emission energy
• State-of-the-art technology to map power distribution systems

“Floridians are feeling the pain of higher prices at the gas pump, grocery stores and in their energy bills,” said FMPA General Manager and CEO, Jacob Williams. “Through this year’s ‘Behind the Switch’ campaign, customers will see how we are working with their local utilities to reduce costs and enhance our operations, so customers’ electric bills remain affordable.”

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