Consumers Enjoy 34 Years of Community Power, Statewide Strength

Florida’s community-owned electric utilities celebrate 34 years of working together

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 24, 2012 – Customers of Florida’s municipal electric utilities can enjoy the benefits of a hometown utility, backed by the resources of a statewide organization thanks to Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA), which held its first meeting 34 years ago today.

Florida’s municipal electric utilities founded FMPA in 1978 to give their customers the best of both worlds: the personal touch of a community-owned utility, plus the economies of scale, access to resources and strength in numbers of a larger, statewide utility.

During the past three decades, FMPA’s members have worked together for the mutual benefit of their customers, achieving many successes. Key accomplishments include:

  • Winning the right to own nuclear generation
  • Enabling utilities of all sizes to become owners, not just renters, of power generation
  • Opening transmission access for all utilities, including municipal utilities
  • Helping municipal electric utilities stay competitive in the 21st century with clean, efficient generation and cost-effective services

“Thanks to the courage of our founders, FMPA’s members have the power to work together and decide what’s right for their member communities. Our chief competitors no longer make all the decisions for our utilities. The power is in our hands to write our own future,” said FMPA General Manager and CEO Nicholas P. Guarriello. “Our founders gave us self-determination, and we will make the most of it as we create the next chapter of our future.”

More information about FMPA’s history can be found in “The Sum of Our Efforts,” a booklet that tells FMPA’s history through stories of the Agency’s defining moments. To learn more about what’s happening at FMPA today, view FMPA’s 2011 Annual Report on the new Investor Relations tab on our website.

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Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) is a wholesale power company owned by 30 municipal electric utilities. FMPA provides economies of scale in power generation and related services to support community-owned electric utilities. The members of FMPA serve approximately two million Floridians.


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