Substation Training Series – Switching & Tagging, Personal Protective Grounding, Battery Systems


The substation training series is designed to provide participants with in-depth instruction on substation-related topics and is tailored to the specific equipment of the attendee’s utilities, where possible.

The course curriculum has been developed by Pam Tompkins and Scott Young with SET Solutions, LLC.  Pam is the President and CEO of SET Solutions, and is a 37-year veteran of the electric utility industry.  Scott has over 36 years of electrical substation experience and is a published substation safety author.


September 12, 2023 - September 13, 2023
8:30 am — 4:00 pm
Orlando Utilities Commission
6003 Pershing Avenue, Orlando, FL 32822


Session Outline:

Day 1  Substation Switching and Tagging Components

  • Switching procedures, equipment clearances, switching orders and tagging requirements.
  • Utilize substation one-lines to assist in writing a switching order.
    • Hands-on exercise performed in class
  • Simulate a switching process
    • Hands-on exercise performed in class

Day 2 Substation Personal Protective Grounding Applications

  • Basic requirements for personal protective equipment grounding (PPG) based on the following:
    • Use and purpose of PPG’s
    • Step and touch potential and equipotential zone
    • Various types of PPG’s used in substations, lengths, size, etc.
    • PPG protection, induced voltages, incorrect application of grounds, etc.
  • Locate equipment specific grounding applications based on on-line diagrams.
    • Classroom exercise will use substation diagrams to describe locations of grounds, where to apply PPG, how to apply PPG’s

Day 2 Substation Battery Systems and Maintenance

  • Describe substation battery types, function, components, hazards and maintenance
  • Describe battery chargers and maintenance


Cost: $1,000 per person
Deadline: August 29, 2023
Contact: Sharon Samuels

Registration Closed Registration is closed for this event

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