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A career at FMPA means working on a team that helps keep the lights on in communities across Florida. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities for career development, and we thank all those who apply to be a part of our team. We take our time to review each application thoroughly. As a result we are unable to respond to every job applicant. Should your qualifications match our staffing needs, we will contact you directly. FMPA and its members are Equal Opportunity Employers.

  • Operator Mechanic


    Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) is a wholesale power agency owned by electric municipals. We provide low-cost, reliable, and clean power, plus value-added services for FMPA’s owner-customers. To serve FMPA’s member-owners well, the Agency strives to maintain a positive and engaging environment for our team members.

    Highly skilled technical work in a  combined cycle power generation facility.  This position is responsible for the operation of turbines, generators, high-pressure heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), and associated equipment in an electric power generating plant.  Prepare heat recovery steam generators and related equipment for operation.   Places HRSG, turbines, generators, and related equipment into service and removes from service as required.   Make process adjustments to HRSG’s and generators as necessary to operate plant at optimum efficiency.   Reports to the Assistant Plant Manager and takes day-to-day direction from the Lead Operator/Mechanic.

    Position Requirements

    • Performs thorough inspection of HRSG, generators, auxiliary equipment and plant grounds during each shift.
    • Controls and distributes power according to generating capacity and system demands as determined by the FMPP dispatcher.
    • Understands and controls plant breakers/busses and coordinates with Balancing Authority/Dispatch personnel to allow rapid safe recovery in the event of a power blackout.
    • Operates complex automatic and/or manual control systems of HRSG’s, turbines, generator and auxiliary equipment, including the plant distributed control system.
    • Understands and controls various types of generator governors and voltage regulators.
    • Assists the Lead Operator/Mechanic with tagout/lockout, work permits, and confined space entry permits, and other tasks as assigned.
    • Inspects, maintains, starts and stops pumps, fans & motors as directed or required by the Lead Operator/Mechanic.
    • Makes repairs and adjustments of machinery and equipment as directed or required by the Lead Operator/Mechanic.

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  • Instrument, Controls and Electrical Technician


    Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) is a wholesale power agency owned by electric municipals. We provide low-cost, reliable, and clean power, plus value-added services for FMPA’s owner-customers. To serve FMPA’s member-owners well, the Agency strives to maintain a positive and engaging environment for our team members.

    Performs difficult, skilled, and technical work involving repair, inspection, maintenance and calibrating of electrical equipment, process controllers, analog and digital process indicators, distributed control systems, electronic and electromechanical governors and all other control and monitoring equipment associated with electrical power generation. This position has overall responsibility for preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance on all plant equipment as directed by the Maintenance Supervisor. Functions also include inventory control, housekeeping, and troubleshooting of operating components and computer interface.   Reports to the Maintenance Supervisor. 

    Position Requirements

    • Perform scheduled maintenance functions and emergency repairs as required on plant instrumentation and electrical systems.
    • Troubleshoot, calibrate, and test operating components and computer interface.
    • Maintain and coordinate all site calibrations testing requirements, records, documentation, and files.
    • Assist Maintenance Supervisor with material and spare parts inventory control.
    • Troubleshoot, repair, and supervise all DCS, telecommunications equipment, LAN and computer systems and site PLC’s, and continuous emission monitoring systems.
    • Assist in maintaining total plant housekeeping.
    • Maintain and troubleshoot all breaker, switchgear, and protective systems
    • Maintain and troubleshoot all transformers and related systems
    • Assist in the trouble shooting and operations of all site equipment and plant operations as required.
    • Perform other duties as assigned including supporting other FMPA fleet sites.

    This is a day shift position. Overtime work may be required on weekends, holidays, or nights as needed in emergency or scheduled conditions. Available for on-call duty rotation is required.  

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FMPA Member Jobs

FMPA’s members are currently recruiting for the positions listed below. Please note, these positions are located in various Florida cities. To apply, please follow the directions on the individual job posting. Questions about these positions should be directed to the listed employer. FMPA and its members are Equal Opportunity Employers.

  • Engineer I, Engineer II or Senior Engineer (Based on level of qualifications)


    Engineer I- This is entry-level professional work providing engineering support in one of the following assigned areas of responsibility: Distribution Engineering, Power Delivery, Power Supply, System Planning, or Dispatch & Compliance. The incumbent will be responsible for performing basic engineering work within the assigned area of responsibility involved in the planning, design and operation of the electric utility.

    Engineer II- This is advanced professional work providing engineering support in one or more of the following assigned areas of responsibility: Distribution Engineering, Power Delivery, Power Supply, System Planning, or Dispatch & Compliance. The incumbent will be responsible for performing engineering work within the assigned area of responsibility involved in the planning, design and operation of the electric utility.

    Senior Engineer- This is highly responsible advanced engineering and administrative work providing engineering support in one or more of the following assigned areas of responsibility: Distribution Engineering, Power Delivery, Power Supply, System Planning, or Dispatch & Compliance. An incumbent is considered to be a subject matter expert in the assigned area and is responsible for complex technical engineering work or administrative work such as design engineering, safety engineering services, etc.

    Position Requirements

    Engineer I- Performs work, designs and implements systems, and advises field personnel consistent with industry best practice and a commitment to the safety and well-being of the public, fellow staff, and themselves. Performs engineering tasks requiring the application of engineering principles and prescribed methods, procedures and standard designs to perform work of specific and limited scope. Works with customers to develop electric infrastructure needs. Provides engineering support to field personnel and line operations. Conducts field work in staking poles and lights, checking temporary service for safety and construction requirements and prepares field notes. Prepares designs for typical distribution system expansions required to serve customers. Assist in the preparation of circuit maps and drawings.

    Engineer II– Performs work, designs and implements systems, and advises field personnel consistent with industry best practice and a commitment to the safety and well-being of the public, fellow staff, and themselves. Performs intermediate engineering tasks requiring application of engineering principles and prescribed methods, procedures and standard designs to perform work of specific and limited scope. Develops project/study plans, bid specifications and related documents. Provides engineering support to operations and maintenance personnel. Provides diagnostic tests on plant equipment to support preventative maintenance and operational reliability needs. Troubleshoots and initiates design changes or modifications in the analysis of plant system problems.

    Senior Engineer- Directs and performs in-house development of plans, specifications for equipment repair, replacement, inspection and system modifications. Coordinates the activities of consulting engineering firms. Reviews proposals, plans and specifications developed by consulting engineers. Develops and manages vendor quality assurance programs. Reviews, analyzes and recommends operating and capital budgets and other budget requirements. Plans, designs and analyzes power generating systems and equipment. Supervises and reviews the construction drawings by others. Develops programs for monitoring plant efficiency and plant betterment projects. Coordinates the activities of predictive maintenance throughout the plant.

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  • Warehouse Clerk- KUA, Fla


    Responsible for performing manual and clerical work in receiving, storing, and recording items for inventory. Responsible for record maintenance required in the operation of a storeroom supplying material to various departments. Must have the ability to work safely with minimal supervision. Position may require rotating shift work to include the evening shifts. Work is performed under the supervision of the Manager of Materials Management.

    Position Requirements

    Fills project work orders or requisitions including checking shelves for material verifying project numbers, checking on-hand quantities, and
    verifying items pulled match items listed on commitment sheets. Physically counts inventory items to verify accuracy on a regular basis.

    Counts and sorts all incoming material and verifies receipt of items against shipping

    Knowledge of warehousing principles and practices including business terms commonly used. Knowledge of business methods commonly used in recording warehouse transactions, maintaining inventories, labeling and storage of material.

    Must have the ability to produce arithmetical computations and accurate records.

    Knowledge of hazardous waste management and hazardous material transportation
    is a plus.

    Must hold a current forklift certification or the ability to obtain certification
    within six (6) months of employment.

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  • Substation Electrician- Keys Energy Services, Fla


    The Substation Electrician provides quality craftsmanship on projects as part of a team whose goal is to successfully execute the initiatives of Keys Energy Services (KEYS) of completing projects safely, on-time and within specifications for quality delivery. The Substation Electrician is responsible for substation maintenance and testing, SCADA/RTU, reclosers, padmount switches, regulators, protective relays, communication equipment, house wiring of control buildings KEYS facilities, and electrical trouble shooting.

    Position Requirements

    Perform switching and tagging on equipment of all voltages as directed by the power system coordinator or supervisor in accordance with KEYS’ established practices and NESC.

    Read, review, and identify any issues that need to be addressed prior to following switching orders in accordance with KEYS switching procedures.

    Inspect, maintain, repair and test UPS systems, station battery banks, remote terminal units (RTU’s), Protective Relays, Control Systems, and associated equipment.

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  • Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Electrical Engineer- Keys Energy Services, Fla


    The Electrical Engineer (Project Engineer) is tasked with providing overall project management, contract management, budgeting, control, coordination and execution of assigned projects.   

    Position Requirements

    Provide technical support with written recommendation for any necessary corrections for proper system operation within Transmission, Distribution and Generation, specifically, the Dynamic Volt Amp Reactive turbine, generator, generation units, and substations, power transformers, breakers, and relay equipment

    • Ensure T&D compliance to all applicable North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) standards, as required, and maintain all maintenance records and documentation. Serve on the NERC Committee

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  • Engineer I, II, III, or IV- Compliance (O&P)- Lakeland Electric, Fla


    Coordinate internal program to comply with North American Electric Reliability Corp’s (NERC) Operations and Planning (O&P) standards.  Works independently under the general direction of the Manager of Compliance.

    Position Requirements

    Duties will include:

    • Perform internal compliance audits of O&P standards.
    • Develop compliance programs when NERC implements new standards.
    • Represent Lakeland Electric when interacting with industry peers and regulators
    • Oversee on-site audits by Compliance Enforcement Authorities


    Position Requirements:

    • Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from a regionally accredited college or university.
    • 2 or more years’ experience with NERC O&P compliance standards.
    • 3 or more years’ experience working in Electric Utility Operations and Planning.
    • Project management experience pertaining to process improvement, program development, and integration of new applications with processes.

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  • Power Plant Supervisor- City of Homestead, Fla


    Highly responsible for technical and administrative work involving the planning and coordinating of environmental permitting, maintenance, installation, operation, and construction of an electric generating power plant.

    Supervises and directs the day-to-day maintenance and operations function of the power plant. Responsibilities also include providing guidance and oversight for other capital projects associated with the Power Plant.

    Work in this position includes preparation of written reports, environmental permits, and associated reports, documentation, and recommendations for activities associated with new plant project activities. It also includes the presentation of information related to power plant activities to higher management in the City and local citizens when appropriate.

    Position Requirements

    Directs the day-to-day operations of the personnel assigned to operate the various generating units, including scheduling for adequate manpower coverage and required outages. 

    Provides training and instruction in operation and repair procedures and techniques.

    Diagnoses mechanical and operational problems of generation equipment and initiates corrective action.

    Responsible for routine inspection and maintenance of mechanical and electrical generation equipment to ensure safe and efficient operation.

    Effectively coordinates work with other divisions within the electric utility and other City departments as required.

    Ensure that proper personnel are informed and utilized during emergencies and breakdowns.

    Must use judgment as to the necessity of calling in off-duty personnel.

    Ability to communicate effectively with higher levels of management and with the public.

    Ability to administer all logistics and coordination necessary for the management of large capital projects.

    Ability to read and interpret engineering construction and equipment drawings, electrical and control plans, and specifications.

    Ability to prepare clear and concise reports, and keep complex and accurate records.

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  • Substation/Distribution Engineer- City of Homestead, Fla


    Responsible for performing electric system distribution and substation analysis, protection, and coordination studies.  Provide technical assistance to the line operations assisting with the emergency restoration of service.  Analyze problems, perform investigations, determine solutions, and prepare and/or direct other engineering staff in preparation of engineering drawings, plans, maps, and details related to the various Divisions of the Electric Utility Department.

    Work involves considerable independence to evaluate, select, and apply standard engineering techniques, procedures, and criteria under the general direction of the Distribution Supervisor.

    Position Requirements

    • Performs Distribution and Substation load flow analysis, Planning, Feeder Coordination studies, fault current, and reliability analysis.
    • Analyzes and troubleshoots Protection and Coordination settings on the Substation Relays, and Distribution Automation devices (S&C) in conjunction with NERC PRC Standards.
    • Coordinates with other personnel to compile and maintain accurate utility maps, maintenance reports, and other information regarding the utility system. Ensures computer-generated maps of the utility system and associated database information are kept current.
    • Responsible for maintenance/enhancement of the GIS Distribution system.  Must be familiar with NESC, NEC, and general overhead and underground Distribution Construction Standards.
    • Design and plan for distribution and as needed, substation systems, and prepare technical and administrative reports, perform load flow analysis using engineering software.
    • Able to prepare and conduct high-voltage switching orders, and must be familiar with tagging procedures.

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  • Heavy Equipment/ Fire Truck Automotive Tech I, II, or III- Winter Park, Fla


    The Automotive Technician I, II & III performs semi-skilled and skilled work in maintaining the city vehicles and mechanical equipment. This position repairs, maintains, and services all vehicles, heavy equipment, and light equipment. This work is performed under close supervision – the incumbent is assigned duties according to specified procedures and receives detailed instructions; work is checked frequently and is reviewed through observation, completion of work orders, and review of results achieved.

    Position Requirements

    ssist other personnel as needed including moving or transporting city vehicles to, and from outside vendors, and within city locations.  

    Evaluate the status of mechanical equipment, small engines, and vehicles and perform or schedule needed repairs.

    Complete repairs and maintenance on small engines, light and heavy vehicles, heavy equipment, fire apparatus, and all other city-owned equipment.

    Maintain shop equipment.

    Recommend the purchase of parts and supplies used for vehicles, small engines, and mechanical system maintenance.

    Perform other work as assigned.

    bility to read and understand operator and repair manuals.

    Ability to perform a variety of skilled and semi-skilled manual tasks.

    Ability to safely operate a variety of automotive vehicles, light equipment, and various hand and power tools.

    Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with employees, supervisors, city officials, and the general public.

    Ability to communicate information tactfully and impartially, both in person and in writing with all staff, city officials, and the general public.

    Ability to demonstrate proficiency in the City of Winter Park Core Competencies.

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  • Troubleman- Utilities Department- City of Homestead, Fla


    Skilled technical work involved in the repair and replacement of power, lighting, and signal systems.  A Troubleman is responsible for locating the source of electric powerline disturbances or failures and replacing or repairing defective equipment and accessories.  

    An employee in this classification exercises independent judgment and decision-making within safety standards of powerline work.   Work performance is evaluated by observation of results obtained.  

    Position Requirements

    • Responds to requests for emergency service; locates the source of problem and repairs and/or replaces transmission and distribution powerlines and equipment, including meters.
    • Tests powerlines and auxiliary equipment to identify defective voltage regulations, transformers, etc., causing disturbance.  
    • Climbs pole and towers to repair or replace overhead equipment.  
    • Opens switches to de-energize disturbed or fallen lines to facilitate repairs or to remove electrical hazards.  
    • Makes a determination as to when additional crew personnel will be required to complete repair work to restore power and advises dispatch of the need.
    • Assists crew personnel with repair work as workload volume permits.
    • Troubleshoots, installs, and repairs street light circuitry.
    • May locate and correct electrical trouble in certain building circuits.
    • May perform cut-off and cut-on functions of services as required.
    • Will be required to set and remove electric meters as necessary.
    • May direct work assignments of subordinate personnel in the repair and replacement of equipment.
    • Uses equipment and tools with precaution and within prescribed safety standards. 

    The duties listed above are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed.  The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position. Qualifying individuals with disabilities may be provided reasonable accommodations to enable them to perform the essential functions. 

    Type of Appointment/Work hours:

    • Full-time/Regular in-person position.
    • Standard workweek, which is forty (40) hours of work per week consisting of five (5) days of eight (8) hours per day or four (4) days of ten (10) hours per day.  The work day may be varied for the efficient delivery of public service.
    • Will be required to work other than the standard workweek on occasion, including evenings, weekends, and/or holidays.
    • Will be required to work occasional overtime or shift assignments, if applicable.

    Physical and Environmental Demands or Conditions:

    The physical and environmental demands for this position have been listed on the last page of this description. Physical and environmental demands must be met to successfully perform the essential duties and responsibilities of this position.


    • Must possess a high school diploma or its equivalency.
    • Must be a Lineman with one (1) year of experience minimum.
    • Will be required to work occasional overtime assignments or shifts.
    • Will be required to respond to call-outs.
    • Must be able to comprehend and follow written and verbal instructions.  
    • Must be able to meet all physical requirements of the job.
    • This position is designated as an Essential position which means the employee will be required to work extended, rotating, nights, weekends, and/or holidays in response to a severe weather event or conditions.
    • Must possess a valid state of Florida Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License with a clean driving record.
    • Must pass a background screening process.

    Core Competencies:

    • Judgment – Sound decisions based on fact; uses logic to solve problems.
    • Quality of Work – Performs work thoroughly, accurately, and professionally.
    • Reliability – Timely and consistently completes assigned work; consistently reports to work and is punctual.
    • Safety – Committed to ensuring a safe environment and complies with applicable safety standards.
    • Technical Capability – Applies knowledge to identify issues and works to develop skills; demonstrates knowledge of techniques, skills, and equipment.

    Work Authorization/Security Clearance:

    • The employee must successfully pass a background screening process and must comply with the Drug-Free Workplace policy.
    • The City will also verify the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired so the proper completion of Form I-9 is required, which includes the employee providing documents evidencing identity and employment authorization. 

    All of the above information is intended to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees in this position.  This description is not intended to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties and qualifications required of employees assigned to this position.  Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.






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  • Lineworker-Journey Level – Tallahassee, Fla.


    This is highly skilled journey level work in the transmission and distribution areas of the Electric & Gas Utility.  Work consists of overhead and underground line work and service truck work, overseeing and directing the activities of other employees, training and instructing other employees and participating in required training programs. 


    Tallahassee is a vibrant City that is home to Florida’s state government, two major universities – Florida State University and Florida A&M University, as well as one of the largest community colleges in the state – Tallahassee Community College.   Centrally located in the panhandle, Tallahassee is only hours away from white sandy Gulf beaches, Walt Disney World and the Atlantic Ocean.  Tallahassee has one of the top parks and recreation departments in the country and was recently named an All-America City for the 2nd time.  Leon County Schools were recognized by the Florida State Board of Education as an Academically High Performing District for the second year in a row.

    Tallahassee’s Electric Utility provides reliable electric service to over 123,000 customers in a 221 square mile service territory that includes both the City of Tallahassee and portions of the unincorporated areas of Leon County.  A full service vertical electric utility, Tallahassee has 700 MW of generation located at three sites, 60MW of solar under a Purchase Power Agreement, 224 miles of transmission (115kv & 230 kv), 28 substations with two more in engineering, and 3,631 miles of distribution.  The City’s Electric Utility is registered as a Balancing Authority, Transmission Owner/Operator and Generation Owner/Operator under the NERC Reliability Standards.

    Tallahassee Electric has been recognized nationally and regionally for its strong performance.  These recognitions have included the APPA E. F. Scattergood Award, two APPA DEED Energy Innovator Awards, FMEA Safety Award, six time APPA Reliable Public Power Provider at the Gold level, and Power Magazine naming the City’s Hopkins Generating Plant one of the Top Six Gas Fired Power Plants in the World.

    Position Requirements


    Possession of a high school diploma or an equivalent recognized certificate and completion of the Electric & Gas Utility apprenticeship program for Lineworker – Journey Level; completion of an external apprenticeship program in linework and one year of journey level work experience. Experience may be substituted for required education on a year by year bases that includes erection, maintenance and repair of overhead and/or underground electrical distribution and transmission line systems.

    Individuals in these classifications are:

    • Considered essential employees during emergency/storm events and must be able to work 16 hours per day for extended periods of time and may be required to be away from their family.
    • Must be available to serve on-call and are subject to having to work outside of their assigned shift/schedule to meet operational needs.
    • Individuals in this classification are subject to being deployed for mutual aid assignments out of town. These mutual aid assignments will require travel, extended work days and working 16 hours per day during deployment.
    • Must be available to work a rotation shift that covers 7 days a week with extended hours until 10 PM in the evenings.


    A completed City of Tallahassee employment application is required. A resume may be attached to the application but will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application. Applicants must apply on-line at

    If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department at

     (850) 891-8214


    The City of Tallahassee offers competitive salary and benefits. In addition to competitive salaries, the City offers a full slate of benefits for its employees including a defined benefit pension plan, City contribution to a 401K plan, cafeteria style benefit offerings including Flexbucks, 11 paid holidays, personal leave, sick leave, personal leave days, a floating holiday, and catastrophic leave.

    The City of Tallahassee is an Equal Opportunity and Veteran’s Preference Employer.

    If you have a disability requiring accommodation, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the City’s ADA Coordinator, in the Office of Diversity& Inclusion at (850) 891-8950 or at [email protected]. Preference will be given to veterans and spouses of veterans in accordance with Florida Statues 295.085.

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