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We Use Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies

FMPA is committed to increasing the role that renewable resources play in its power generation mix. Examples of FMPA’s renewable energy technologies include:

  • Renewable Power: FMPA members receive power from three renewable energy sources: 1) a cogeneration plant fueled by a sugar byproduct located in Clewiston, 2) a power plant supplemented by landfill gas located at the Stanton Energy Center in Orlando, and 3) a 30 kW (DC) solar photovoltaic project located in Key West.
  • Solar Demonstration Project: FMPA partnered with Keys Energy Services and NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to install a 26 kW (AC) solar photovoltaic system and educational kiosk at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center in Key West.
  • Net Metering: As of December 2016, more than 366 solar power installations in 13 Florida cities are part of FMPA’s All-Requirements Project’s net metering program. These customer-owned installations can produce approximately 4,641 MWh-AC of energy. Customer-owned renewable generation can be interconnected with the utility’s distribution system and used to offset part or all of the customer’s electric usage.
  • Utility Scale Solar: FMPA is investigating a utility-scale solar project that would serve several communities. A utility-scale project can make solar energy cost-effective for customers whose roofs are not well suited for solar and customers who are not homeowners. When a utility develops a solar farm, retail customers don’t have to make a large capital investment for a roof-top system. Community solar programs makes solar energy available to a greater number of customers. FMPA plans to purchase a share of a large-scale solar project and will negotiate with potential power providers in the coming months.

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