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Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) is a wholesale power agency owned by municipal electric utilities

FMPA’s mission is to provide power that is competitively priced, reliable and clean, as well as provide value-added services for its owner-customers.

Benefits of FMPA

Municipal electric utilities are locally owned and operated, but they work together on common needs

The benefits of working together include:

Economies of Scale: By coordinating their power needs, local utilities can build larger, more efficient power plants and diversify their power sources.

Access to Resources: FMPA members have access to the resources of a statewide organization, including FMPA’s professional staff and more than two dozen services.

Strength in Numbers: Working together enables municipal utilities to pool their resources in beneficial ways, such as planning, operating, negotiating, advocating and more.

Municipal electric utilities formed FMPA in 1978 to create competitive options and capture economies of scale in wholesale power supply.


FMPA was formed so local utilities could control their power supply future

Municipal electric utilities in the 1970s had few options for wholesale power supply. They formed FMPA in 1978 to create options for their future. Since then, FMPA members have worked on behalf of their customers to achieve many successes, such as:

  • Helping municipals stay competitive with cost-effective generation and services
  • Providing competition in the wholesale market to drive down costs
  • Winning the right to jointly own nuclear generation
  • Winning equal rights in electric transmission service

To learn more:

  • History Book: Download “The Sum of Our Efforts,” a booklet that tells FMPA’s history through stories of the Agency’s defining moments.
  • Watch FMPA’s early leaders tell their stories in a web video series:

Mission, Vision and Values

FMPA’s members are united by a shared sense of purpose

FMPA’s Board of Directors members believe in the following guiding principles:

  • Vision: Being the preferred power and service provider for municipal electric utilities and the company of choice for employees.
  • Mission: To provide competitively priced, reliable power and value-added services for FMPA’s owner-customers through joint action.
  • Values:
    • Trust built through honesty, integrity, openness and respect
    • Innovation and excellence
    • Teamwork among employees and members-owner-customers
    • Cultural diversity
    • Employee recognition, reward and empowerment
    • Environmentally responsible operations
    • Commitment to public power
    • Transparent and effective communication
    • The individual needs and desires of FMPA’s owner-customers shall be given the strongest consideration consistent with the best interests of all owner-customers

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental responsibility is part of our values as community-owned utilities

FMPA puts this commitment into action through its “Greener Communities. Greener World.” initiative. Like the mantra, “think globally and act locally,” this phase reminds us that when we all try to make a difference in our local communities, the results add up to a positive impact on our world.

To learn more visit our environmental stewardship website.

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